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Chocolate Boxes

Our luxury chocolate boxes are filled with a selection of chocolates from our range.

All of our chocolates are made in micro batches with fresh cream and the finest natural ingredients.

Our Range

Our Range

Amaretti Truffle: Milk chocolate ganache made with almond butter and amaretto. (Contains nuts, alcohol)


Caramel Barrel: Arriba milk chocolate barrel with fresh double cream caramel filling.


Cardamom & Orange Truffle: A white chocolate ganache delicately flavoured with cardamom and orange zest.


Chai Tiger Truffle: Spicy Chai black tea infused milk chocolate ganache.


Champagne Truffle: The simplicity of champagne and dark chocolate with a hint of sweetness from white chocolate. (Contains alcohol)


Coffee Milk Caramel Truffle: Milk caramel sits atop a coffee and Irish Cream liqueur ganache. Made with locally roasted artisan coffee. (Contains alcohol)


Cranachan Truffle: Inspired by the classic Scottish dessert. Fresh raspberry, oat, honey and whisky ganache. Finished with toasted oats. (Contains gluten, alcohol)


Dark Chocolate Truffle: A rich, deep dark chocolate ganache of blended origin chocolates.

Earl Grey Truffle: Assam tea ganache made with milk chocolate and bergamot.


Ginger & Dark Rum: Sao Thomé dark chocolate shell filled with fresh ginger root, stem ginger and dark Caribbean rum white chocolate ganache. (Contains alcohol)


Hazelnut & Almond Gianduja: Layered dark hazelnut and milk almond chocolate topped with Arriba milk chocolate. (Contains nuts)


Honey Hazelnut: A milk chocolate ganache of hazelnuts and Greek honey in a Sao Thomé shell with a crunchy praline base. (Contains nuts)


Irish Cream Truffle: A sweet and creamy white chocolate ganache, fully loaded with Irish Cream liqueur. (Contains alcohol)


Irish Cream Dark: So good we made a second version! A punchy ganache of dark chocolate and Irish Cream liqueur. (Contains alcohol)


Lime Caramel & Vanilla Truffle: Two layers of filling: zesty fresh lime caramel and creamy white vanilla ganache.

Perk Me Up: Coffee liqueur and finely ground coffee is combined with a rich dark chocolate, then rolled in cocoa powder and even more coffee! Made with locally roasted artisan coffee. (Contains alcohol)


Port Wine Marzipan: Textured almond marzipan made with port wine and a hint of vanilla. (Contains nuts and sulphites)


Dark Raspberry: Made with only fresh raspberries and Sao Thomé dark chocolate ganache with a hint of anise liqueur. (Contains alcohol)


Salted Caramel Truffle: Sea salt caramel combined with blended single origin dark chocolate.


Vanilla Milk Truffle: Smooth, creamy milk chocolate ganache.


Whisky Truffle: Filled with whisky dark chocolate ganache.


Whisky & Smoked Salted Caramel: Smoked sea salt caramel blended with woody, Mexican dark chocolate and whisky. (Contains alcohol)

Alongside our core range, we have our seasonal range which are available

at different times of the year.


Lemon & Mint: Lemon and mint infused cream blended with dark chocolate and fresh lemon juice.


Tonka Bean Caramel: The beautifully complex flavour of tonka bean in a creamy caramel.

Honeybee: Milk chocolate honey ganache with a liquid Scottish Heather Honey centre.


Strawberry & Szechuan Pepper: White chocolate blended with fresh strawberry puree and Szechuan pepper infused double cream.


Strawberry & Lemon: A dual layer of fruity strawberry gel and lemon white chocolate ganache, encased in Ruby chocolate.


Rosie: Spiced apple cider and Ghana milk chocolate ganache. (Contains alcohol)


Spiced Pumpkin Truffle: Pumpkin caramel blended with milk chocolate and gingerbread spices.


Toffee Apple: Creamy apple caramel with a hint of Calvados. (Contains alcohol)


Witches Cauldron: Lightly dusted with Cocoa powder, nutmeg and cinnamon, a rich dark spiced chocolate ganache with a hint of chilli.


Sloe Gin & Spiced Damson Truffle: Spiced damson jam sits atop a dark chocolate sloe gin ganache. (Contains alcohol)

Honey Hazelnut Dome: Greek honey and caramelized hazelnut milk chocolate ganache, finished with a crunchy hazelnut praline. (Contains nuts)


Brandy Truffle: Rich dark chocolate ganache with warming Cognac. (Contains alcohol)


Mint Meltaway: A blend of dark chocolate, coconut oil and peppermint that melts in the mouth.


Christmas Truffle: Christmas spices, raisins, sultanas, orange, brandy and port.  (Contains sulphites, alcohol)


Eggnog: Creamy white chocolate ganache of nutmeg, vanilla and rum. (Contains alcohol)


Gingerbread: Arriba milk chocolate and butter ganache with gingerbread spice, treacle and anise liqueur. (Contains alcohol)


Hazelnut & Orange: Milk chocolate blended with smooth hazelnut, fresh orange and orange liqueur.  (Contains nuts, alcohol)


Mulled Wine Truffle: We mull a full bodied Merlot with cinnamon, cloves, star anise, and orange.  Then blend with Mexican dark chocolate.  (Contains sulphites, alcohol)


Pear & Rosemary: Made with fresh rosemary infused double cream, pear puree, Gahana milk chocolate and a touch of pear liqueur. (Contains alcohol)


Spice Orange Caramel: Sweet orange caramel lightly spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

All of our chocolates contain soya and most contain milk. We do have chocolates that are Vegan suitable.

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